Fleurieu Art Trail

I’ve long been a fan of street art and often go in search of it, especially in cities where it’s easier to find lots of pieces in a concentrated area. You can however find walls in suburbs, towns and the odd standout single piece like silos or water towers adorned with spectacular artwork all around Australia.

In my local area there are some gorgeous colourful murals appearing, one of which has only recently been completed, covering an old hay shed in a paddock near the town of Mount Compass. This beautiful bright mural wraps the shed and the artwork includes locally endangered guinea flowers, stringy bark gumtrees and wattle, as well as a big beautiful cow face that pays tribute to the region’s dairy farming history. The work is that of artist Chad Spencer (@epik_artist) and took him around 100 hours to complete.

This isn’t his only mural he has done nearby though with another brilliantly colourful artwork adorning a wall as you head towards Goolwa. This one is called ‘Old Mate’ and features a yellow tailed black cockatoo, a species you see plenty of in this area, as well as native plants.

The artist has a concept to develop an art trail around the region which will include more endangered native flora and fauna brightening up the countryside and accessible to the whole community. He is hoping to call it the “I Spy Art Trail” and his latest piece is a painting of the Southern Emu Wren, entitled ‘Friends’ which is set back from the road on a farm water tank. It’s in a tricky area to pull off the road to see but it’s on the same stretch of road and on the same side as the ‘cow shed’, not far along the Mount Compass to Goolwa road on the left hand side of the road heading to Goolwa. In the background of the picture is also a blue painted tree, the real one of which can be seen just up the road a little on the right hand side.  The tree and water tank are on the same landowners property and the painted tree is part of the Blue Trees Project, highlighting mental health issues in rural communities and encouraging conversations.

I can’t wait to see more of this brilliant work in my travels.



8 thoughts on “Fleurieu Art Trail

  1. Love the way street art is brightening things up and the idea of using it raise awareness of threatened species is wonderful. The blue trees are also popping up in the QLD countryside a great idea.

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