Setting Up The Rig

It only happens once a year but when you’re setting up for a month at the beach in a caravan, we make no apologies for bringing a few creature comforts.

Our new (second hand) Jayco Silverline is pretty darn luxurious – our kind of roughing it, but it didn’t come with an annexe which is something we definitely need on this trip.

So very soon after buying we arranged to buy a new annexe and have some modifications made to suit our purposes. The ‘Aussie Traveller’ brand annexe is made of heavy duty canvas and looks good, with plenty of windows and doors at either end of it for great ventilation.

For our needs though, as it is home away from home for a month and is used as a spare bedroom, storage for fishing gear etc… it has to be sturdy and withstand some pretty tough weather conditions at times.

It’s not unusual for some very strong winds to blow along the coast where we are, so to increase our peace of mind and reduce the chance of flapping canvas, we visited friends and business owners of ‘Canvas Concepts’ in Kadina SA, for some expert modifications.

Inside the annexe extra velcro tabs are sewn in to make it possible to fit extra poles for stability along the side wall.

On the outside of the annexe extra heavy duty velcro straps are sewn in to make anchoring and tensioning of the walls as sturdy as possible.  Note the velcro tabs that are standard on the annexe and the new and improved version. These extra measures are probably not necessary for everybody but for a stress free holiday for all, it works for us.

On the subject of the new van we’ve had a few trips away now and have to say we are loving it! My only issue so far is that I’m not a fan of the door – to me if you’re going to have a screen door it needs to be all screen, but other than that we’re very happy with the Jayco Silverline.


But with views like this for our front yard I doubt that the door will be bothering me very much!

Happy New Van…Happy New Year




11 thoughts on “Setting Up The Rig

  1. Velcro is a lifesaver when the weather is rough, we have added extra Velcro to stabilize things as well. Have a wonderful new year and enjoy that month at the beach.

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    1. We’ve had a few argument causing annexes over the years but these days they’re so much easier and quicker to assemble, but we only do it for this long holiday where we stay put.


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