Salvador Dali Exhibition – South Australia

The weird and wonderful d’Arenberg Cube at McLaren Vale in South Australia is currently home to the Salvador Dali exhibition. Salvador Dali lived from 1904 – 1989 and this six million dollar exhibition marks the 30th year since his passing. The pieces have come from the Dali Museum in Montmarte Paris and having the exhibition at The Cube is a match made in heaven. It is on one floor of the cube and entry cost is $25 per adult which includes complete access to all the strangeness of the cube, entry to the Dali exhibition and wine tasting, complete with expansive views of vineyards and landscapes of the McLaren Vale region.

Surprisingly the Dali pieces are all for sale too, so if you have a lazy 3.2 million lying around you might want a quirky piece of garden art, or for a mere $27,900 (plus GST and delivery) you can own one of his classic melting clock sculptures. The theme of clocks if one of Dali’s most recognizable features. The crown of the watch which has the winding mechanism and allows time to be set is missing on Dali watches, making all of them timeless, irrelevant and unable to be set. That means the essence of time is lost and melts away.  What a great metaphor for holidays! The hands on all of the watches in these bronze sculptures have the hands at 1 and 6. Angels are another feature in a lot of his sculptures.

The sculpture collection began in the 1970s and are based on his most iconic imagery. Each edition is strictly limited and are supposedly made to be accessible in price. (Yeah right) Dali loved controversy and he upset the art establishment and critics who accused him of commercialising art. When each of these sculpture editions is completely sold the mould is destroyed, therefore increasing their value.

The exhibition of 23 sculptures and graphic artworks is running until the end of May 2020, after which a permanent home is being looked at in either Melbourne or Sydney.



6 thoughts on “Salvador Dali Exhibition – South Australia

  1. Hi Glenys, great post. We visited D’Arenberg while we were in SA in July. Unfortunately we arrived a little late in the day to see the exhibition, but I did really love the clock sculptures. Sadly, I don’t have a spare $28,000 lying around! Love the photos from the exhibition. Perhaps I might get to see it in Sydney or Melbourne one day.

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  2. Some of his art pieces are actually really good! I was just reading about the banana that was taped to the wall and sold at the exhibition in Miami for 1,000,000 USD. How crazy is that? 🙈🙈🙈


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