Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

It’s the Easter weekend and unlike any one we’ve ever experienced before. I hope everyone is having their fill of chocolate. I know that shouldn’t happen until Sunday, but tough times call for desperate measures! Just to tempt everyone a little more here’s an ideal spot to head to in South Australia (add it to the list) when you want a chocolate fix, Easter or not.

The Barossa Valley Chocolate Company is in the town of Tanunda, a little under 80 kilometres from Adelaide. The Barossa of course is known world wide for its wines, in particular its reds, but it also has many great dining experiences, distillers and brewers, friendly country boutiques and artisan food makers.

Even the Chocolate company has a Cellar Door inside their venue as you do in the Barossa. Vineyard Road Cellar Door does wine flights so you can taste a range of their wines or you can also do chocolate and wine pairings. While here you can also have a bite to eat in Benni’s Café which has an indoor area or you can sit on the outdoor deck overlooking a large water feature.

But the reason of course to visit, is for the chocolate. The venue is really spacious inside and is a feast for the eyes at first with a chocolate fountain on the back wall behind the main counter, grabbing your attention as soon as you enter the building. The temptation to stick your finger in and try is real so it’s a good thing it’s far away from the public.

As you wander around the shop looking at the over 250 products you become a kid again, wanting to fill a basket with so many of the glossy treats on offer. They make blocks of chocolate, the packets making a rainbow wall, milk chocolate, dark and ruby chocolate varieties and also a sugar free range.

During your visit you can also see into the large production room behind a glass wall and watch the chocolate making process. On this day Koala molds were turning, making giant koala treats. Who needs Easter Bunnies. Just when you think you’ve escaped with your bag full of goodies, and we didn’t see a group leaving that weren’t carrying a telltale blue bag, you exit via an ice creamery. Who doesn’t love a window full of colourful gelato and sorbet? Try the honeycomb is all I can say.

The Barossa Chocolate Company is open 10am to 5pm Wednesdays to Sundays and is a great stop before or during winery touring when you visit the Barossa Valley.

Cheers and thank goodness for chocolate!


10 thoughts on “Barossa Valley Chocolate Company

  1. I’m drooling again! 😂 Honeycomb chocolate and red wine, what a winning combination! Happy Easter Glenys to you, Harry and the family. xx 🍷🐣


  2. Ah, the Barossa…one of my most favourite places in SA and absolutely for the red wine. But I’ve never been to the Chocolate Factory. Definitely an oversight that will be corrected when we can travel across borders again. I was saving our chocolate for Sunday but perhaps we should start today. The exercise program can wait for tomorrow. Happy Easter

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  3. Chocolate and wine – heaven! I have to confess chocolate consumption in our house has increased of late combined with the restrictions on going out this could prove a recipe for a weight gain disaster.

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  4. Yes, thank goodness for chocolate! It makes isolation so much more bearable. Have a lovely Easter weekend and stay safe. This weekend we are going to find out if the lockdown has been extended, which is pretty much what everyone is expecting 😊 Aiva

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