Unpacking Travel and Social Buzzwords and Jargon – What?

Talk about social distancing, we were doing it back in the mid to late eighties without even having a valid reason for it. Come to think of it we were also free camping, going off grid, having a digital detox and taking part in all sorts of other trendy buzz words and phrases, before they were a thing that had to be named to exist!

I thought I’d have fun with some old photos from one particular camping trip with today’s take on them, back when having a roadmap meant literally…well, having a roadmap. I’ve highlighted some common buzzwords and jargon phrases around today and love them or hate them I thought I would repurpose them for a lol.

Today I’d be telling you this was just parked, but this particular adventure tourism meant having an Aha moment where, as well as unpacking ideas we also had to unpack all the cases of beer in the old Troopy to get unbogged.Landcruiser and Jayco

It took some state of the art equipment and collaboration with our target audience, and there was no way anyone would have to suffer from FOMO. It was all hands on deck.

Finally we would arrive at our ecotourism hotspot and begin setting up our own glamping experience. Who knew that by checking out the view we were actually the precursor to #Instamodels or perhaps even influencers on our platforms.

We didn’t have to worry about a digital detox probably only an alcohol one, and the key takeaways were firewood so that we could indulge in a bit of visual storytelling and work on the bromances around the nightly campfire. Dare I say…it was Lit!

Our days were filled with four wheel driving adventures with shameless brand identity (Oh What a Feeling) and fishing, always trying to improve on our catches or should that be KPI’s. The only clickbait around was the lure you had to attach to your line to catch big salmon. The only followers we had were the social traffic of our group’s motorbikes all heading to the same fishing spot.

Then there were the networking sessions and screen time, sunscreen that is, and being many miles from civilization meant being innovative in coming up with multi-user functionality for items around the campsite. Getting on in a group camping situation meant having to wear many hats.

There were downturns, but usually only on our last day when we had to pack up, or when one of the vehicles decided to go offline. But did we learn from our experiences? Not really, the trending topic was who was going to get bogged next. At least we all kept our sense of humour and were big fans of the paleo diet before it caught on. I couldn’t vouch for it being clean eating though. Back then we were worried about going viral because of something we ate.

I had so much fun making this post and I hope it gives you a laugh today. YOLO!


Cheers everyone

Glenys xx

29 thoughts on “Unpacking Travel and Social Buzzwords and Jargon – What?

  1. Those were the days. My husband had plenty of those short shorts and shots of holding onto their catches. Must have been a male thing way back then. Great post.


    1. Thanks Suzanne I think we appreciate it so much now also because there are very few untouched places like this left. It was far off the beaten track but that’s what made it so good and the fishing was terrific.


  2. Ha I love it! We used to have a favourite spot in East Gippsland and the only way in was by winching the cars through. We deemed it a four wheel drive or company car track and our company Falcon did it many times. Yes, no flash names back then but plenty of canvas and heaven help anyone who fell over a tent. Damn you’ve prompted me to dig out all the old photos, that’ll fill in a week or two.

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    1. Hard to believe but I think there was only one four wheel drive amongst us. The rest of us crossed fingers and found our way through in Commodores and whatever else we had. So many hilarious stories to look back on now, we were such novices but had just enough skills between us to survive. 😂

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  3. Going through old travel photos is so much fun. It’s like time travel only without all the complications. I’ve been digging deep into my photo archives too and loved seeing people and places that are close to my heart. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  4. i LOVE this Glenys! The photos are priceless as are the outfits! I was thinking the other day, I did yoga before yoga was cool. I used to do some of the harder poses when I was kid…no fancy name attached to them back then!

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      1. Ha ha I know what you mean, you should have seen the photos I didn’t put up. 😬 It’s times like this that we are all very glad that social media wasn’t around back then. 🤦‍♀️


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