Contribute to the State Library of South Australia Collection

Did you know that you can play a part in history by contributing to the State Library of South Australia digital collection? Your contribution will become a part of South Australia’s history in a collection called ‘Remember My Story Covid – 19’.

The purpose of the collection will be to have an historical record of how the pandemic affected our state and communities and how our society dealt with the crisis. The library is looking to have a collection of written documents, videos and photographs, audio recordings or illustrations in digital format, which will help tell this story to future generations.

By submitting something to the collection your contribution will be used for teaching, research, exhibitions, in the media and community engagement. It’s a very simple process to add to the collection and the SLSA website has all the details you need if you wish to be a part of this important snapshot of history.

On their website is a list of ideas for submissions and if you’re like me and have ever appreciated being able to find historical information or photographs, then this is one easy way for you to be a part of this time in history. The list of what they are after, includes showing work, study or leisure activities you had to do at home while we had to socially isolate, how we had to celebrate holidays or events differently and how our daily lives and surroundings changed during this time.

For my contribution I decided to include some photos of Covid – 19 signage, something that I found really confronting everywhere we went within our local community. I remember the first sign I saw which had been put up by a path leading to the beach. It stopped me in my tracks and made me think this is really happening, but it didn’t take too long before signs were everywhere and this new way of living became something we got used to very quickly.

When you go to the State Library website you can explore the Covid – 19 collection and see what other photos have been sent in or you can search by photographer to see what individual people have added. So far I have sent in 6 photographs for the collection. Take a look and see if you can add to our states historical collections or if you are living elsewhere, it seems most state libraries and University libraries are taking contributions.Cheers


4 thoughts on “Contribute to the State Library of South Australia Collection

  1. What an interesting way to contribute and remember these unsettling times. We dropped into the Geelong libary and new heritage centre on the weekend but I didn’t see anything like this. Wonder if it’s just in SA. Good on you for contributing.

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