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Plush’s Bend Free Camp On The Murray River


Plush’s Bend is one of the free campsites we’ve stayed at during our current journey exploring a large section of the Murray River in South Australia. You’ll find this camping area only 6 kilometres from the town centre of Renmark, one of the major Riverland towns, around 260 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The drive to Plush’s Bend Is well signposted with the last section on unsealed road but it is easily accessible for conventional cars, so no trouble for 4wd’s and caravans.

There are sites suitable for all size vans and they are clearly marked with plenty right on the river itself. In fact you can literally sit in a deck chair by your van and toss a line in the river. Another bonus is that most of the sites are very level and there is shade from the many trees around.

There is plenty of space to manoeuvre big rigs and you can choose where you feel comfortable setting up and all completely free. Facilities at the campground include flushing toilets, one for men and one for women and there is a large dump bin for your rubbish.

This is a really serene spot on the river where you can comfortably spend a few days, fishing, relaxing and watching the passing birdlife and starry nights, not to mention spectacular sunrises.

It felt like a safe area and we were comfortable to leave our van while visiting all the terrific local sights in Renmark. A great free camp we will happily revisit.




Author: Glenys Gelzinis

Freelance travel writer and photographer.

19 thoughts on “Plush’s Bend Free Camp On The Murray River

  1. It looks like a great place to camp. Thanks for the photos and info.

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  2. What a wonderful spot. Nature at its best. Enjoy it all while you can Glenys.

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  3. It looks like a great spot, easy to spend some time there.

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  4. Great that SA Free camps are open. This one is beautiful. QLD closing theirs now re Covid but I wonder how much the decision was Covid related and how much was van park pressure. Will be interesting to see how free camping pans out post pandemic.

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  5. Oh yes! This is the type of free camping spot we’re hoping to find when we finally get our van out of storage and go on the road. We’re not quite game yet, just waiting to see what happens with the thousands of NSW people who have flocked over the border since it opened two weeks ago.

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  6. Great photos that entice a first time visitor!

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