Islanders Tavern ~ Hindmarsh Island

I have to start this with, if you’re an indecisive person, then you are really going to struggle at this restaurant. I’ll explain this later but first to where you’ll find this delicious dining experience with water views in South Australia.

Hindmarsh Island is around 90 kilometres south of Adelaide in the Fleurieu region, and a short drive over the bridge from Goolwa takes you there. The island forms the boundary of the Coorong National Park and has the fresh water Murray River on one side and saltwater on the other. On the island there is farmland, a popular boat launching area, and land based fishing at the Murray Mouth. A marina and housing developments around it are also a big part of the island and the Islander Tavern is a popular spot for those living on the island, or travelling over by boat or car.

Not long ago some renovations were completed, increasing the dining area and creating a large outdoor deck for dining while overlooking the boats moored in this part of the marina. So while you’re enjoying the food you can imagine picking out the boat you’re going to buy when your lotto numbers come in!

But to the tavern itself, when I say the menu is extensive, that is understating it. Apart from the standard pub fare of burgers, fish and chips, schnitzels and roasts, there is a range of food the likes of which I ‘ve never seen in one establishment before. Mind you even the standard food has a wide range of burgers and more than 8 toppings for your schnitty.

The setting of this relaxed bistro gives you water views even if the weather is too gloomy to sit outside and believe me, you are going to need time to sit and consider all the food options. The staff are really friendly and must be used to procrastinating customers, telling us that the chef was well travelled which helps to explain the extensive style of food on offer. Different cuisine is offered on different days of the week with the current line up being: Japanese food on Mondays and Tuesdays, Cajun and Creole on Wednesdays and Thursdays, Spanish on Fridays and Saturdays and Mediterranean on Sundays. Phew. There is also a dessert cabinet full of locally made treats.

We have dined here a number of times and you can see why, but our last visit was on Cajun and Creole day so amongst our choices was a Po’ boy, something I’d never heard of before but is a traditional sandwich from Louisiana. There were a number of choices (again) but this one had southern fried prawns, fish and squid on tartare slaw in a toasted baguette. The range of drinks doesn’t disappoint either with a lot of local wineries from the Currency Creek and Langhorne Creek regions represented.

With international travel off the cards at the moment, Islanders Tavern is bringing the world a little closer to us to enjoy one cuisine at a time. Make sure to add them to your must visit list when visiting the Fleurieu Peninsula region of South Australia.

Bon Appetit


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