South Australia’s Silo Art Trail

I’m gradually getting around to visiting as many painted silos and water towers around the country as I can, and added to that are the many, many brilliant examples of street art and murals in towns across Australia.

Here are a few of the incredible silos to look for as you travel in South Australia.

Kimba – Eyre Peninsula

A beautiful colourful sunset glows over wheat fields in which a little girl stands, these silos were painted by Melbourne artist Cam Scale. I think this one looks even more spectacular at night.

Cowell – Eyre Peninsula

The silos feature a portrait of local man Lionel Deer, a farmer, shearer and symbol of the people who have lived through a tough life on the land. There is also an historic ruin like many similar in the district, one of Lionel’s animals, Diamantina the bull camel, another symbol of strength and resilience, and a ring neck parrot all on a background depicting a bright sunset. The artwork was created by Austin NITSUA.

Tumby Bay – Eyre Peninsula

A lovely typical Aussie scene of jetty jumpers painted by Argentinian artist Martin Ron and very cleverly done, with the painting best viewed from a certain position so that the image runs horizontally along all of the silos, without any gaps.

Karoonda – Murray Mallee

This is probably my favourite, mainly due to the painting including a Kelpie, a dog I’m always a sucker for.  This particular one is called Whiskey and is featured with Diamond the sheep, both well known icons of the district. The mural also includes elements of life in the Mallee now and in the past. It was painted by street artist HEESCO and the blank space of the silos becomes a canvas for projections of illuminated artworks at night.

Waikerie – Riverland

The Waikerie silos are a real treat for the eyes with all sides covered in the story of this part of the state. The silos were painted by two different artists, but both portray the lifestyle, animals and birds that are found in the region.

One set of silos features a Regent Parrot on one side and a yabby (freshwater crayfish) on the other which was painted by Melbourne based artist Jimmy DVate.  The other silos feature the Southern Bell Frog, Murray Hardyhead fish and the Freckled Duck, river red gums and pelicans which were created by local artist Garry Duncan.

Coonalpyn – South East

These truly brilliant photo realistic paintings of 5 local children, was created by Guido van Helten, and were the first silos to be painted in South Australia in 2017. They can be found as you travel on the Dukes Highway in the south east of the state.

Wirrabara – Mid North

Another amazing photo realistic mural is on the silos at Wirrabara in the mid north of the state. The images by Sam Bates (SMUG) all represent this forestry and agricultural community and a local red capped Robin.

These painted silos are all astounding, especially when you take in the scale of them and imagine the many hours and conditions the artists had to endure to complete them.

Soon we’ll be off on another road trip where I should get the chance to hunt down a few more newly completed silos and water towers, this time on Yorke Peninsula in SA.

Happy travels


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