Return to Moonta Bay

Fishing with dogs

Our annual pilgrimage to Moonta Bay on Yorke Peninsula is well and truly underway again. From our arrival it takes a few days to set up our home away from home, (almost literally) but as we are here for a few weeks we indulge ourselves with a few comforts. Hello lazy boy recliners, magazine rack, fishing rigs galore, stand up paddle board and a whole lot more.

The beauty of this holiday and what keeps us coming back year after year is that you can use all of the gear and be busy from morning until night, or use none of it and watch others. As we sit in our prime position with a view of the bay we often remark ‘who needs a television’ with never a dull moment watching the constant passing parade of adults, kids and dogs along the beach.

There have only been a few fishing trips out in the tinnie so far but the blue crabs are looking good and the usual amount of mixed fish species are not disappointing us. The best part is that we catch, clean, cook and eat as soon as we have enough for a meal for ourselves and others.  We get our indulgence in seafood in this one month that almost makes up for the rest of the year.

So far we have been lucky enough to have some shallow fried calamari (coated in secret spices) as well as a blue swimmer crab spaghetti dish to rival anything we’ve found in a restaurant. Blissful!

The weather so far is keeping to plan, peaceful calm mornings without a breath of wind, perfect for an early morning paddle or time out in the tinnie, before the wind chops the water up and makes it a bit trickier. The afternoons in the bay tend to get windy, but for kite flyers or even kite boarders and windsurfers it’s perfect for them and then as evening sets in, things tend to calm off again allowing for magical sunsets and beach walks after a late evening dinner.

So I’m sorry if the blogs are a bit sporadic for a while but I may just be busy doing nothing. What day is it?



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