New Street Art in Moonta SA

Next time you’re in Moonta and Moonta Bay, look for these new additions to the street art. 

The Copper Coast Public Art Group was formed last year under the Moonta and District Progress Association and are working with the Copper Coast Council to increase public art in the area.

The two newest additions in town are these:

This mural can be found on an old doorway of what is now Moonta Antiques store on the corner of Ellen and George Street and depicts part of an historic photo of men playing billiards, when this building was once a billiard hall.

The mural was painted by local artist, Anne Stock.

The next mural can be found at Moonta Bay, near the BBQ shelter between the jetty and ‘Splashtown’ water park. This building already had a mural on one side and now it also features this beauty painted by Steve Hudson.

The painting features an old fishing boat and the idyllic scenery of the bay and I was lucky enough to see the artist working on the mural, that’s how fresh it is!

For a bit of fun while you’re at the Bay you can also put yourself in the picture with a ready-made frame which says Moonta Bay on one side or if you put yourself on the other side you can get a framed picture of ‘Splashtown’.

Moonta is no doubt going to be a town to watch for future art.



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