New Recipe in Fishing SA Magazine – Autumn 2023

The latest edition of Fishing SA magazine is out now and as per usual, it’s packed full of all the tips and tricks for successful fishing in South Australia, showcasing many of our beautiful coastal areas.

There is something to suit all fishers in the stories, whether you have a boat or prefer land based fishing. Different types of fishing from freshwater to ocean, rivers to reservoirs and everything in between are covered.

You can read about all the latest gear to try and you can also try my tasty recipe for lemon & herb dukkah coated whiting. As with all my favourite recipes, it’s a simple as can be and easy to cook while you’re caravan and camping.

There’s nothing better than cooking up freshly caught fish, and whiting is one of my favourites to catch and cook. Paired with a Greek style salad, the light flavours don’t overpower the subtle taste of the fish.

Look for the magazine now at newsagents, fishing and tackle outlets and online.

Happy fishing!


3 thoughts on “New Recipe in Fishing SA Magazine – Autumn 2023

  1. Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –
    eat Southern Australian wine, it makes for a delicious meal and a memorable experience. Fishing SA magazine never fails to deliver valuable information and entertainment for both seasoned and novice fishers. I can’t wait to try out the lemon & herb dukkah coated whiting recipe and explore more of the beautiful coastal areas of South Australia. Thank you for another fantastic edition!
    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!

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