Business Shout Out ~ Up-Link Communications

If you’re looking for two way radio professionals or a DC to DC battery charger setup, we can highly recommend Up-Link Communications in Goolwa, South Australia.

The business sells and installs CB radios, marine radios and accessories such as antennas, Sat-Nav systems, reversing cameras and sensors.

Our reason for visiting the company was to have a DC to DC battery charger installed in our Landcruiser so that it will charge a 12V auxiliary battery in the car, by isolating the system from the vehicle’s alternator.

This means we can power a fridge in the car, as well as provide power to phone and camera chargers while we’re driving, all from an auxiliary battery, without affecting the car battery. We will also be having the charger linked to put power back into the caravan batteries, when we are connected during towing or when off grid camping if needed.

The unit we had installed was the REDARC in vehicle 3 stage 12V battery charger and it’s designed to isolate the main battery from the auxiliary battery, to avoid over discharging the main battery. The REDARC company is based in South Australia and has 40 years’ experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of electronic voltage converters and associated products.

For communication needs and electronic accessories and installations visit Up-Link Communications at 9 Hays Street Goolwa, or contact them by calling 8555 1534, or email: They are open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm.



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