Food, Wine and Caves

img_1091Margaret River has been a region we’d been looking forward to visiting and knew we’d enjoy.  With a few winery and brewery names on our must do list, (not to mention foodie places) we set off. The first stop though was to visit Mammoth Cave, just one of many caves in this region too.

We chose this cave as we liked the idea of a self-guided audio tour meaning we could go at our own pace and without a crowd.


We trekked into the cool, dark and peaceful quietness.  Sensor lights come on as you go and sections of the cave are lit up as the audio guide describes what you’re looking at, or what to look for. A really interesting way to spend an hour, 15 metres underground making your way along a series of walkways with a few steps here and there to reach higher or deeper sections of the cave. Make sure you take time to just be still and listen to the water dripping in the cave too.



As the path leads you to the cave exit the light gradually takes over and you see a series of steps where you get an appreciation of how far down you are. Then you have to make your way up and out and 160 steps later you are back at ground level.


After the cave we visited a beach or two, also what this region is renowned for, including Surfers Point.



A winery or two were next on the itinerary and we finished at the Brewhouse which is just out of the town centre. Not only are the brews great but the setting is really relaxed and comfortable and the extremely friendly staff gave us some insider tips on places to stay for the next leg or two of our journey.



All of these things have added up to making this one of the best places we’ve visited so far. Thanks Cat and Blair we have taken your suggestions and so far you are spot on!

The Main shopping street of Margaret River is a great way to get a lot of information about the region and to be able to buy locally made products if you don’t have time to get to each individual establishment, there are so many!

A couple of standouts for us on our whirlwind tour were Xanadu Winery, Cheeky Monkey Brewery and the Margaret River Chocolate Company.




The favourite though for the wines, the setting and overall vibe was Knotting Hill Winery.  We had to come here after being given the tip by Brad in Esperance who we met while staying at the caravan park, and shared a few drinks with along with his family and friends. We swapped wines, a bottle of the Knotting Hill Sav Blanc for an Adelaide Hills Sav Blanc and were impressed with the wine and his description of the winery so it was definitely on our to do list. Oh and it just so happened his sister and brother in law own the winery so absolutely no bias. He was right though, we loved it, so much so we stayed to enjoy a platter while overlooking the lake full of huge silver perch.



What we’ve loved overall about the region was the extent of quality food, wineries and breweries in close proximity to each other, the only downside was there were too many for the short amount of time we could spend there, but then you have to leave something for the next time you visit don’t you.