The Turquoise Coast

img_1898After saying goodbye to the visitors at our caravan door in Perth, (no kidding these two rolled up at our door together and wouldn’t leave), we headed off to the Turquoise Coast and the town of Cervantes.



We chose to stop here because it was the closest place to the Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park.  Our annual parks pass came in handy again as we went in twice for the different light effects you see as the sun gets lower in the sky.

But first…the caravan park, it was pretty incredible with new additions to the park making it a real resort. Apart from a huge lounge area / games room and lovely spacious camp kitchen, there is the pool! Heavenly after a day out in the desert environment where the Pinnacles are.



The Pinnacles are amazing limestone formations that in some places look like ancient tombstones jutting out of the shifting sands.  There is an easy self drive circuit that leads you around and through these wonders of nature with pull out areas where you can park and wander amongst them.

The pinnacles

The pinnacles

The pinnacles

The later in the day you go, closer to sunset the better if you want to see the long shadows cast.  It becomes quite an eerie, quiet, time of day to be walking out there.  The park is open all the time though, so you can drive in anytime you like and pay via an honour box

The pinnacles

the pinnacles

the pinnacles

If you’re not at the Pinnacles as the sun is setting then you have to get down to a beach.  Watching the giant orange ball that is the sun as it sinks into the sea with cray boats in the foreground is pretty spectacular.  Be quick with the camera though because when it’s setting it drops quickly.



From Cervantes a short drive takes you to Lake Thetis where you will see ancient stromatolites (look that one up!).  These ancient and odd looking organisms have been growing for around 3,500 years.

lake thetis

Another  must do when in Cervantes is to visit the Lobster Shack and take the tour.  This is a working factory where you watch a short video on this 3 generation of cray fishers and then do a self guided tour.  I felt a bit sorry for the poor busy workers below as we wandered above them on a platform watching their every move. listening to the audio tour of what was happening at each step of the process to get the crayfish from the ocean to our plates.

cray factory

To finish the tour its near impossible not to try some of the freshly caught and cooked crayfish in garlic butter while sitting in the lovely outdoor restaurant area.

lobster shack

Nicely done Cervantes!