Supporting Australian Music as you Travel

November is Aus Music Month, a time to celebrate and support Australian music and artists. Having live music at venues for everyone to enjoy is something that is a real drawcard when we travel and if we are eating out or going somewhere for a drink, we quite often look to spend our time and money at hotels that have live music. We’ve had some really surprising and enjoyable times going to see unknown musicians or bands in Aussie pubs and they can really add to the enjoyment of a holiday.

A great way to support Australian music is to buy the artists work and go and listen to some live acts or another way, on this Friday the 16th of November is to join in with Ausmusic T-shirt Day.

The purpose of the day is to celebrate our fantastic Australian made music while giving back to people in the industry that need a helping hand. It’s for anyone that loves Australian Music and would like to support people who make us feel good every day, in times when they need it most.  To be involved you just have to wear your favourite t-shirt promoting an Aussie band or artist and go online and donate to SupportAct. It’s a fun idea and you can feel good knowing that you’re giving back to an industry that provides so much joy in our lives.

To donate you can visit and your donation will help raise funds for artists and music workers who are experiencing financial hardship, ill health, injury or mental health issues.

The ABC radio networks are supporters of this cause too and no matter what genre of music you prefer, you can hear the highest proportion of Australian music on their stations such as Triple J, Classic FM and ABC Jazz. We’ve found that we are more likely to find the ABC channels in our travels around Australia too.

Music travel is also a popular way to see different parts of the country with festivals all around the country drawing crowds. You can find festivals for everything from Country Music to Jazz, Alternative to Heavy Metal to Blues and everything in between.

Why not seek out some live music as you travel around the country, and remember, even the big guys started out playing in small pubs and clubs before making it to the top. And it’s surprising how many of the best are going back to appearing in smaller venues again.

Enjoy and support our great Aussie music.


13 thoughts on “Supporting Australian Music as you Travel

  1. Well, you know I can relate to this and love my live music. So much so that I’ll travel hours from home to hear an artist I’ve heard before! 😊 Australia has an amazing music scene.

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  2. Aussie music is my favourite. We saw Midnight Oil many years ago and they are still my favourite act that I ever saw live. I grew up listening to all the greats – Boom Crash Opera, Johnny Diesel & the Injectors, Noiseworks etc etc. Hubby also played in cover bands for many years and our boys got to see him on several occasions when he did Sunday afternoon gigs. Great post Glenys 🙂

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