Seafood season

Yorke Peninsula is only a few hours north west of Adelaide and is well known for its bountiful seafood. The best part is anyone can try their luck at catching something. Whether you prefer to be land based, a jetty fisher or a boatie, you too can enjoy the seafood options.

Either side of the leg that is Yorkes, there are little towns dotted along the way and most will have jetties to try. The catch can range from blue swimmer crabs (tie off a crab net with fish bait only, no meat), tommies (herrings), whiting, garfish, squid and more.

In some places you can wade in the shallows and rake for crabs and you can fish the incoming or outgoing tide for yellow fin whiting. Always measure your catch too, there is no excuse for keeping undersized. Fisheries officers do make appearances on occasions and will check your catch. With blue swimmer crabs always check that if they are female and are carrying eggs that they are returned back to the water too.

After the fun part of catching there is the long job of cleaning and preparing the catch. For us this is an all hands on deck chore and makes the process quicker and more enjoyable. We have quite a production line down pat now, some cleaning, then bagging and freezing until there is enough for a communal cook up to happen.

Best of all of course is the cooking and eating of all this delicious seafood. Each year we tend to try a few new ways with preparation. This year the garlic butter squid curls are being tried, yet to be perfected, but no one is complaining really.

The fish, crab and calamari feasts are perfect as the sun sets and the wines are opened.

Beautiful food shared with great company always tastes good.

There are those days when the weather isn’t conducive to fishing so instead it’s a good time to try out some of the other easy recipes to prepare in the caravan. Fruit cake anyone?

cheers and tight lines!


5 thoughts on “Seafood season

  1. I travelled around Yorke Peninsula about 25 years ago. It was very beautiful then. I need to re-visit! I too, would be happy to just taste the end result, rather than all the catching and cleaning bits that go before consumption.

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