Australia Day Long Weekend

This weekend puts a nice fullstop at the end of summer holidays as it’s the Australia Day Long Weekend. It’s like the last blast of squeezing everything quintessential and fun in the way of Aussie pastimes, into one weekend.

The majority of Aussies will flock to a beach if possible to celebrate all the things we love. Our beautiful pristine beaches (even if they will be a little crowded on Australia Day), having fun with family and friends, probably cooking a BBQ and enjoying other favourite foods and drinks.

With the beaches crowded with every man and his dog…it really is important to try if at all possible to swim between the flags. There have been a few tragic drownings already this summer so our hero Life Savers will be out in force.  This is especially so if we are to swelter through more of the heatwaves that we have been experiencing this summer.

This week in South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, we suffered through the hottest day EVER ON RECORD with the mercury officially reaching 46.6 Celsius. I live in a cooler climate area but at one stage my outdoor, undercover thermometer registered 47 degrees, for those using the Fahrenheit scale, that is over 116 degrees!

Official Australia Day ceremonies will take place around the country this weekend including citizenship ceremonies and Australia Day Awards. These awards recognize people from all fields of work and charity for their tireless work and services to this country. The evening will finish with fireworks to top off celebrations.

For those not flocking to a beach there will be backyard BBQ’s and get togethers with friends enjoying and thankful for our peace, freedom and lifestyle we are lucky to enjoy. One of the other popular traditions many of us love, is listening to radio station Triple J as they countdown the ‘Hottest 100’, the top voted 100 most popular songs of the past year. This takes place on Sunday 27th. Half the fun is going online beforehand and putting in your votes and then listening all day as the countdown happens and seeing amongst your family and friends who picked the right songs!

Enjoy your celebrations over this weekend whatever you get up to and whether you are a local or visiting our great country, or state, enjoy what this incredible country Australia has to offer.

Happy Australia Day, keep safe.


7 thoughts on “Australia Day Long Weekend

  1. Luckily for us here in Queensland, those extreme temperatures haven’t arrived. It’s still been a very warm week though, with every day over 30 degrees. There’s no rain in sight and our tanks are empty so we are bucketing water to the vege garden in an attempt to keep the plants going.

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    1. Ah yes gardens, we have over the years turned our garden into survival of the fittest and mostly native plants. We do have a dripper system set up though for a small veggie garden, a couple of fruit trees and a pergola area with ferns. It’s quite nuts though we can have these ridiculously hot summers but also in the Adelaide Hills, frost and just below minus temperatures in winter. Happy Australia Day – what a country!

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  2. What a scorcher it was yesterday. I’ve never known intense heat quite like it, ever! And I’ve never enjoyed beach swimming quite as much. Looking forward to catching up with you and Harry on Sunday. 😊

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    1. Wow, yes that’s not a record we want to repeat it was awful. I’m surprised we didn’t lose power either, at least my solar panels should have been pumping, if I’m lucky they might even cover half of the air conditioning cost. 😂 Have a great weekend too. 🇦🇺

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