Hello, nice to meet you in 2023

*Introduction post*

With a new year I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself to people who follow my website. I’m Glenys, the person behind this website as well as the Caravan Correspondent Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Believe me, I’m so much more comfortable behind a camera than in front, but I also appreciate getting to know people whose blogs and social media accounts I follow, – so here I am!

I’ve been blogging and freelance writing about caravan travels in Australia for around 7 years and now have stories and photos regularly printed in caravan and camping, fishing and 4WD magazines and websites.

My goal when I started this venture was to become an established freelance writer and (better) photographer, and after a lot of persistence and knocking on (virtual) doors, it’s actually happening. Never let anyone tell you it’s too late to chase a dream.

I believe caravanning is the most awesome way to experience Australia and being naturally inquisitive, I love finding the best beaches, local secrets, great places to eat and drink and sometimes, some nice easy walks and adventures to take. (All of these journeys take place with my husband and sometimes photo subject for stories ;))

My ideal getaways usually include discovering street art, finding deserted beaches, jetty fishing, sipping on a nice dry wine or gin overlooking a stunning view, or wandering through a local market. All of this with a camera in hand, and a great caravan site with a view to return to and tap away at the keyboard. Then I share all of these experiences so others can enjoy them too. When I find something brilliant I just can’t keep it secret.

If you’d like some inspiration for Aussie caravanning holidays, stick around and follow along for the best that this beautiful country has to offer. On this website you can enter your email address and you’ll receive notifications of new posts as they happen.


Glenys x

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