So Grateful

Christmas day is only a few days away and I have so much to be grateful for, for starters living in a relatively peaceful country, surrounded with magnificent natural beauty and a climate made for travelling and getting outdoors. The opportunities to learn, work, change your mind, keep learning, then strive to change your path ahead, are abundant and there for the taking if you’re brave enough.

I am blessed with a great husband and kids where we encourage each other to have a go, do what makes you happy, strive to be the best and be kind along the way. Never burn your bridges and keep friends along every step of the way.

The fur family is pretty good too, always bringing us love and laughs. Neo the very intelligent cream kelpie who we rescued around 4 years ago, always happy to see you and willing to please and Lunar (aka Dave) the cat who rules the roost most of the time.

Home is in the Adelaide Hills, a pristine semi-rural environment where we are spoilt for choice of clean fresh food, grown and made locally and surrounded by exceptional wineries whose cellar doors have views to die for. We can grow our own little vegie patch and this year so far it’s produced enough to make a batch of pickled onions.

Yesterday was my birthday and it’s not always great having a birthday so close to Christmas but it does have its benefits too – I will choose to think that the fireworks were for me!

And you can’t complain when leftover flowers that won’t sell at Christmas time are delivered to your door, (‘if you want them’?) who would say no.

Slowly the caravan is being packed with everything needed for our slowdown holiday at the beach where we will run in to familiar faces that we only see at this time of year, repeat annual holiday makers like ourselves. The best bit is that we will just pick up from last year, mill over the year that’s been over shared food and drinks and enjoy each other’s company late into the night.

So to everyone who has encouraged me and read these blogs over the year I wish you joy, peace and happiness with your loved ones over this festive season and here’s to more of living the dreams next year. Oh and on that, keep your eyes open for the January / February edition of On the Road magazine for my next published story. 🙂

Happy travels,



3 thoughts on “So Grateful

  1. Yes, there’s barely a day goes by that I don’t think how lucky I am to live in Australia. We still have pristine beaches and forests to escape to, and space galore. I just love living in Australia.


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