The Very Cool & Tasty Fitzroy

Just 3 kilometres out of Melbourne city is the suburb of Fitzroy. A number of reasons have made this a must see and experience destination when in Melbourne. It has become well known for its little bars, restaurants & cafes, street art and markets. My tip would be to head there on a Saturday morning and spend a few hours discovering markets, enjoying a breakfast or brunch and wandering around looking at the street art and shops. It’s easily accessible on a tram route or there are a couple of pay car parks in the street.


Young Bloods Diner in Rose Street is perfectly situated next to the Rose Street Artists Market and a good way to start your day in Fitzroy. Great coffee, friendly and helpful staff and a really extensive menu.  Move over smashed avo, smashed peas are all the rage now apparently and the meatballs on polenta were a big hit too. The table with the bay window was a top place to sit and watch the world go by, especially with the warmth of the sun shining through the window. The window sill was decorated with a mix of plants and empty fancy wine bottles and added to the warmth and homely feel of the diner.


Right next door is the Rose Street Artists Market, a market that is celebrating its ‘15 years of handmade’ this year. A really good mix of handmade treasures, from knits, jewellery, candles and clothing to handmade plates, paintings and ceramics. Oh and also makers of ‘Rad Shit’.

The market can have anything up to 120 artists both outside in the courtyard and in the old warehouse building which itself has some artistic flair with its brightly painted red doors and city skyline painted on a rather steep floor ramp. It is a crowded space but jam packed with really quality products.


Fitzroy is a hot spot for street art which you’ll find on buildings, in carparks and laneways. Take a stroll and you’ll be amazed. Don’t forget to look up and also take a peek down lanes.

& Eat Again

The Fitzroy Mills Market is just down the road in Rose Street and here you can pick up your fresh vegies, baked goods, and fresh from the farm meat, as well as seafood, vegan pies and craft beer from the brewers. Not your typical farmers style market.

And then, there is Harper and Blohm! A specialty cheese shop that you can find in the suburb of Essendon, these guys also appear at a few different markets making grilled cheese sandwiches and raclette. Doesn’t sound very exciting I hear you say but once you see the raclette being made and smell the incredible aroma of the hot melted cheese you will be sold. This was one busy outlet on cold winters day. To understand raclette you could do no better than the definition from the website of Harper and Blohm:

Raclette is the name given to both the cheese & the dish, derived from the French word racler meaning scrape. A semi hard cows milk cheese with a pungent aroma, it is an excellent melting cheese, bringing fruity and earthy flavours to gratins, soups & grilled dishes. Traditionally Raclette is made by melting cheese on an open fire & scraping the surface onto steamed potatoes, served with cornichons & cured meat. Nowadays restaurants, markets & food trucks serve raclette melted under a narrow heated grill, with smaller table top grills suited to home use. You will find Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop selling L’Artisan Organic Raclette on steamed local potatoes with cornichons most weekends at a Victorian Farmers’ Markets around Melbourne & surrounds. (

You can always work it off by wandering the streets and having another look at the street art or wander along browsing the shops on Brunswick Street.

Happy wanderings


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