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Caravan CorrespondentI thought it was time for a post to explain who I am and why the website? Firstly thanks for stopping by and whether you found it by accident or were searching for something, I hope I can help you. If you’re travelling in Australia and in particular if you are planning a road trip I might be able to help you find some interesting places to visit and ideas on what to do when you get there.

If you haven’t been here before, let me tell you a bit about myself and how to use this website. I am a freelance travel writer and avid photographer with a number of stories and photos published in caravan, camping, 4WD and outdoor magazines.

I love any opportunity to travel in Australia and spend time outdoors living the caravan lifestyle. The purpose of the website is to show some of the magazines where you can find my latest stories on caravan and camping and destinations to visit. On this website you can also follow my blog which covers road trips in Australia and what there is to discover as you travel around this country. You can find out where to go to see incredible landscapes, to eat and drink local products, uncover interesting stories and meet great people while you’re at it. You’ll also see some spectacular Australian nature and wildlife too. There are some 4 wheel driving places to visit and some fishing thrown in too.Fleurieu Peninsula SA

I’ve travelled through a lot of the country from inland to coast, from north to south and to the very edge of the continent on both the east and west coasts. I still find the raw ragged edges of the coastline absolutely breathtaking.

So this post is about how you can tap into the knowledge and tips I’ve picked up along the way and use them to plan your next break.

Along the top of the web page you can click on headings starting with ‘Hello thanks for cruising by’. This is the landing page and tells you who I am today and the passions that led me to starting the website and blog.


The News-Blog page gives insights into travel destinations, the place to read about other topical issue relevant to caravan, camping and road trips in Australia and also where you can find which magazines I currently have a story in print.

The Publications and Media page lists the magazines and websites that have featured my stories in the past and other media I’ve been in. We are also dedicated kelpie owners and love this smart and loyal breed.  Our current dog Neo, also features on the publications page. Neo is a cream kelpie which we rescued from a pound, through a rescue service and he looks like a dingo. I thought that when I saw him for the first time so it’s no surprise that we are often asked about him when we are out and about. He has a disability which prevents him from jumping and running too much. An almost impossible task to try telling a kelpie though.  A story about one of his many lovable features is in a book called ‘It Happened off the Leash’.  Neo travels with us on some holidays and at other times he has a rest and gets spoilt at home.

Neo kelpie

On the ‘About me’ page there is a little history behind my love for road tripping. To me it’s a wanderlust of a distinct kind where you crave the open road and miles and miles of big skies and nothingness with hopefully a sandy beach or river at the end and a whole lot of space to either share with friends or enjoy all by yourself.

You’ll also find a gallery page of some of my favourite photos from around Australia and a contact page. Please do! If you would like to comment on any of my stories, or have any questions about road trips in Australia or caravan and camping related queries just ask away.  You can find me on Instagram @glenysgelzinis or send me an email at caravancorrespondent@hotmail.com. The blogs are usually updated twice weekly so I hope you’ll come back and check in.

If you are looking for a specific destination why not try the search function or for a broader guide try the categories drop down box.

Thanks for cruising by.

Lake Hart SAGlenys


4 thoughts on “Hello And Welcome To My Website

  1. Great intro post for newcomers. I’ve loved following your journeys so far Glenys and look forward to many more. And maybe joining you for another camping trip at some stage!

    Liked by 1 person

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