Super Easy Squid Cook-up

Don’t we all want just a quick and tasty way to cook the squid we catch, especially on holidays? The current (October/November 2022) edition of Fishing SA magazine, has included a super easy squid recipe I use often, especially when we are travelling.

Itโ€™s a regularly used recipe because it is so easy, cheap, and quick to prepare with very little gear needed.

What makes it so good when youโ€™re caravanning or camping is that all you need is a favourite flavour of dry packet seasoning mix from the supermarket (always kept in the pantry), a freezer bag to shake the squid rings in the mix, and either a ready to prepare store bought Thai salad mix from the supermarket fresh area, or you can whip up a quick one from scratch.

A simple single burner and frying pan is all the equipment you need and cooking the squid hot and fast will give you a tasty meal in next to no time.

Fishing SA magazine is available in newsagents now for the full recipe, or you can subscribe online and not miss an issue, plus, I have more stories to come in future editions.



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