Tasty Crab Recipe – Fishing SA Magazine Feb/March

The latest edition of Fishing SA magazine has a recipe inside that was a big hit on our last holiday.

When blue swimmer crabs are amongst the catch, we will clean and steam them on the day they’re caught, then after they have been cooled in the fridge, and when there are enough to make the effort worthwhile, it’s all hands on deck to pick the meat from the shells and legs.

When it comes to picking the crabs, anyone who is around camp at the time gets roped into pulling up a chair, thrown some tools and off we go until the job is done. It’s actually quite meditative and a lot of good chats are held as we go through the process. (Usually we’re discussing food!)

In the magazine you’ll find one of our group’s favourite ways to eat the crab meat and that’s in a crab mayonnaise, served on rye bread, sourdough or toasted baguette. You can even throw in a bit of prawn meat to make it extra decadent. It’s a beautiful, rich way to enjoy our spoils, and goes especially well with a crisp Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc.

This makes one very impressive happy hour offering, and even if you’re not a fisher person, it’s worth heading to your local seafood supplier to buy some crab meat, and it works well with blue swimmer crab or sand crab meat.

Grab a copy of the latest Fishing SA magazine (Feb/Mar 2023) in store or online for the full recipe.

There will be a few more seafood recipes coming in future editions of Fishing SA magazine too, which I’ll let you know about as they are published.



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